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Work From Home

Find herein a few unique suggestions to work from home

First read the article to see if you get some ideas!

Later we will be adding suggestions from our readers and others we find through our research!

How To Make A Living By Creating Your Own Job From Home

Work from Home

Everywhere we look companies are either closing their doors or downsizing, all of this is at the expense of the general population. The vast majority of the population is either out of work or severely limited in their ability to make a decent enough income to support themselves or their families.

While there is no immediate answer to the crisis that face us all today, there is some help for those who are willing to do something different from their usual occupation.

Working from home has long been a desire of a good portion of society. Now that desire can be realized. Some of the larger companies have been offering incentives to work from home. Working from home for major industry is a way to cut back on costs, such as office space, utilities, insurance and like expenses.

This article, however is not addressing that issue. It is directed to those that can't, and don't have the ability to, get employment with major industry. Working from home, in this case, has to do with creating work for yourself. I'll list a number of options, and perhaps from this list you'll either find one that suits you or get an idea from this list that will start you on your way to creating your own job.

This list will offer suggestions on creating work outside the home and inside the home.

Creating work outside the home

Each neighborhood has a certain characteristic indigenous to it's location. So in order to create work that can be profitable in your community, you have to take the initiative to find out what is needed. To do this, look, and, or, ask around your immediate neighborhood. For instance, if you live in suburbia, you can look around your immediate neighborhood and offer your services as a gardener, (have lawn mower will work).

  1. With a vacuum cleaner, a bucket and a few cleaning supplies you can offer your services as an independent janitor to offices in your area. You could also go to the local convenience store or self-service gas station and contract to clean the restrooms. There are also busy mothers and wives that would pay to have their homes cleaned on a regular basis. What about cleaning apartments after people move out, or after construction, before occupancy. There are some housekeepers that "don't do windows." Can you?
  2. If you've done minor repairs around your house, like installing bathroom fixtures, door nobs, fixed leaky faucets, small painting jobs, cleaned your own carpet.In almost every home those things need regular care, so why not go door to door and offer those services to your neighbors and friends. Even if you don't quite know how to do some of these things there's a plethora of information on the Internet, at your local library, or bookstore. There are also larger handyman type jobs that can be accomplished by inexperienced, yet willing individuals, such as, building small cabinets, porches, fences, and exterior painting.
  3. Do you have a truck or can you rent one? If so why not offer your services as a mover or delivery person for items bought at a department or second hand store.
  4. Can you follow written instructions? Most of the do it yourself flooring comes with clearly written instructions. My son and I once installed a parquet floor in my closet, and it's still there. We just followed clearly written instructions. I once had a twelve year old girl install part of my hardwood floor in my dining room, with the aid of her father, who himself was a floor installer. Okay now don't let a 12 year old girl show you up.
  5. Do you have a Digital camera and a computer. I can tell you those cameras make the best pictures, and developing them on your computer is as easy as one click of your mouse. Offer your services as a photographer at family events, weddings, any kind of gathering.
  6. Contrary to popular opinions, people are still taking vacations, and they leave their homes unattended for the duration. Could you perhaps offer to look after the home, like picking up newspapers, mowing lawns, or taking care of pets left at home. Turning lights off and on, etc, anything that would make the home look occupied, (use your imagination).
  7. If you are about to, or have lost your home, or just want to relieve yourself of the obligations of home ownership. Property management might be an option, (look for those with free living quarters).
  8. How about the farming communities? Harvesting or planting crops, help in taking care of the farm animals, the fields themselves or any other farm related jobs.
  9. Then there are delivery routes, newspaper, sales flyers etc.
  10. Have you ever repaired your own lawnmower, or your son or daughter's bicycle? With the gas prices in the stratosphere bike riding has come back in vogue, and these have need of repairs at times.

These are just a few of the of the jobs outside that can be created by unskilled, inexperienced, yet willing individuals. Perhaps, from this list you might be able to find something that you can do, or maybe the list has sparked an idea that you can implement yourself.

Creating Work Inside The Home

With this list there might be licenses that are needed, so check with your local municipalities, before attempting some of these. I actually won't go into the obvious, since I am on that medium now. That's the computer, I won't offer any advice on what to do with your computer, since I'm too new at it. But maybe just one, so watch for that one.

  1. Can you sew, crochet, knit, quilt, or anything of the sort? Let's take sewing for instance. Young people of today cannot make simple repairs, like sewing on buttons, repairing rips or tears, this is a very much needed task. If this is your field of expertise you can advertise your services in your local newspaper, supermarket bulletin boards etc. You can also make cold calls to your neighbors and friends. Do you live near a college campus, most of these young people have left home and their mothers that use to perform these tasks for them. Can you be "mother" in this regard. Post an announcement on the bulletin board or in college periodicals to get exposure. Some public schools require uniforms, could you offer your services to make some of these for the school or the parents?
  2. Washing and waxing cars of individuals who bring their cars to your home,(or you could go to them).
  3. This is the only use of the computer that I'm going to list. That's typing, (book reports, work projects, medical billing etc) bookkeeping, or other home computer services.
  4. In-home care for babies, children, or the elderly. In some areas this might require a license, so check with your local licenses bureau.
  5. Can you make a room or rooms available in your home for rent? Of course, draw up a contract and make rules for your boarders.
  6. How about piecework for manufacturers?
  7. Some individuals are too busy to prepare their own meals, but would like home cooked meals, at least a few times a week. Offering a service like this might be well received by the health and economy conscience of today. Baking cakes or cookies for special events for an economical fee might be highly received. This is another area that might require a license in some communities.
  8. You can grow and sell vegetables, fruit or flowers.
  9. Upholstering classes are given at local trade school or city colleges, if that is a desire, it can be used to earn an income. However if you already know how to do it, then you're ahead of the game.
  10. To a lot of people their pet is like a member of their family and they would like the same care afforded them as some like for their children. So how about, grooming and exercising of pets in your home.
  11. UPDATE! As a suggestion from a reader, I'm adding one more very good idea for work at home. If you have a subject that you know well, or maybe you were professionally trained in a specific area. Using these skills you could offer classes in your home. For instance you might have been a dancer, played a musical instrument, or maybe you sew, or cook well. Whatever you're good at, and can teach to others, could be a source of income.

Of course this is only a partial list ofwork at home jobs, use this list simply as a guide and see what you can come up with, if it's not on the list.  Looking at the list, little or no extra outlay of cash in involved in most of these suggestions. What is involved, however, is initiative, diligence and the willingness to work. So take the initiative to go out and secure the job that you've created for yourself. Be diligent once you've attained the work. And finally, most of all work hard at the job that you created.

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