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Season's Change, So Can You.......Book excerpt


I Can Never Do Anything Right

Character Two

Now on to Beaten Down Bobby, with his wife Never Satisfied Noreen. When Bobby and Noreen were first dating, Bobby could do no wrong and why not, whatever Noreen wanted she got, often without even asking. Well after the wedding things changed. Because Noreen had become accustomed to being treated like a queen, she expected the treatment to continue. So whenever she didn't get her way Bobby was verbally beaten down. Her constant lament is "you never do anything right." That's in part because after getting used to the best of everything, during their courtship, Noreen was having trouble adjusting to the "real life." Now, with the added expense of running a household, Bobby can't always buy the best. So when Bobby buys Noreen a gift, it never seems to be what she wants. Oh she throws hints and Bobby catches them, but he can't afford what she wants, so he always gets "second best," and Noreen doesn't disappoint, Bobby gets the customary response and guess what, Bobby feels, you're right, "I can never do anything right."

Book, Seasons change, so can you

Play With the Cards You Are Dealt In Life

What's wrong with you? No, seriously, what's wrong with you, or better still, what do you think is wrong with you? Are you....a man of short stature, an unusually tall woman? What about your ears, have they been compared to Dumbo's, your nose, has it been call bulbous, flat, or too pointy? Are your feet considered too big for your size, or flat, maybe you think your legs are too little, or too big. How about your figure? Maybe no matter how much weight you lose, or gain, you'll never look like a super model or professional athlete or never even achieve the look that you are striving for. Then there's your head, have you been called pea head, basketball head? Your hands, men, do they say that you have "girly" hands, and women, what about you, man hands, is that what they say? By the way who are THEY? (Just asking)? Oh yes, your skin, too light, too dark, pot marked, rough, dry, oily, is that what they are saying? 

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Do You Have "I" Problems

Is Life All About You?

Perhaps you're involved with, or know someone whose every conversation begins with "I." Maybe you are that person. Is it your habit to always focus on your own life and totally ignoring that of your listeners? Do you have to make your presence known with loud declarations?   Do you walk in and join the largest crowd and instantly take over the conversation?   You either use the occasion to promote your supposed grandiosity, impress with your knowledge, or to complain about your maladies, or slights, etc. At any rate, when you enter a room it becomes all about you. When you walk into a room, all eyes are on you, however, unknown to you not always in a good way.

Are you the mate, friend associate, family member, etc.? Do you find yourself dreading being in the same room with them, either alone or in the company of others? Have you learned, without realizing it, to tune them out?

Why don’t we use some of our customary characters!.........

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Are you Positive or Negative, Do you Console or Complain, Criticize or Compliment? Or?


Scene one

Let’s look at three "good friends meeting for a day long outing. Friend One and Friend Two are at lunch waiting for friend three to join them. Friend One to Friend Two, looking at her watch, says, "Where is she, she's always late, she acts as if the world revolves around her." Friend two, "Yeah and what in the world did she do with her hair, that color is hideous?" Friend one, " and she can stand to gain a few pounds, who does she think she is a high fashion model." Friend two, "when is she going to clean up that house, I just hate going over there, and I'll never eat anything at that place, yuck."

Enter Friend Three: One and Two stand up and give out the customary air kisses. Friend Three asks, "am I late, how long have you guys been here?" Friend One says, "oh no, we just got here, you're fine girl." Friend Two says, "We were just talking about your hair, who did it, it's looking different these days?" Friend Three, "I did it myself, you like." Friend One and Friend Two say in unison, "oh yes, it looks fabulous." Friend Two, "what are you doing to stay so slim, I need to do that?" "Oh go on, I'm just eating less these days. Say, why don't you two come over for dinner Wednesday, I'll make one of my new recipes," says Friend Three. Friend One and Friend Two, "Okay, what time?" All three spot Friend Four across the room, and the bashing comes from all three. As she spots them, all three smile cheerily, and beckons her over. Over walks Sunshine Suzy.............need I say more!

Work From Home

Men.... Teach Young Men in Your Life How To Be A "Man"

How do you speak to, and about your mother? In trying to help your son learn how to show respect for his mother, you must show respect for your mother. In public, watch how you speak to and about women. For instance, what do you call women, and how do you speak to them? All these are things that you want your son to learn. So, when the time arrives, and he needs to "man up," he'll know how.  Little minds are like sponges, so don't minimize these actions while they're young.

Grandfathers, uncles, big brothers, etc.: You too can fill the bill here, if there is not a father in the home. You can, in some cases take the young man to spend some time with you. Weekends, summer vacations, or maybe just for a day, a week, or a month. Whatever time you can give him can serve to further his education in becoming a responsible member of society. Think how proud you would be if you could point to someone like the President of the United States (Barack Obama, 2008-2016), and say that I had a part in how he turned out. Not an endorsement, I'm only using him as an example of what can happen, even if there is no father in the home.

Teachers: You already have the weighty responsibility of teaching young ones the necessary skills to be able to live as a responsible adult in the everyday work-a day-world. However, you are sometimes the first line after the parents in the child's life to see when they need extra help. Why not, with the parent’s permission, mentor the young man, (speaking here to male teachers of course), showing him, by example, how you got where you are today. If you had challenging circumstances to overcome, by all means let him know. Now, don't you turn around and victimize him. (Just saying). This is not where we are going with this article. This is for the responsible male that can see the need, and fill it.